2024 Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter, embark on a unique treasure hunt. Dive into our cellar's depths to uncover exclusive “Easter Eggs” - our award-winning museum wines. These hidden gems, not available for regular purchase, are now within your reach through our Easter Egg Hunt sale. Each bottle is a rare find, steeped in history and accolade, ready to be part of your collection and ready to drink now.

This easter we have the two very special wines from way back in the burrow. 40% off 12 or 25% off 6.  (Wine Club 50% off 12, 35% off 6, Free Freight). 

2005 Leopold Shiraz Viognier. 2007 Murrumbateman Cool Climate Trophy Winner. 

2013 Le Chevalier Merlot Cabernet Petit Verdot. 2014 Best New Release - Red Blend, Huon Hooke.

If you'd like one or two bottles of these wines (undiscounted), please get in contact with us.