2023 'Louise' Semillon - 12 PACK

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'Louise' brings a dry, light-bodied charm, bristling with zesty citrus and a delicate floral aroma. She's the perfect companion for those long, sunny afternoons by the pool.

THE WINE: A dry, vibrant and refreshing cool climate expression of sémillon. 

THE PALATE: Moderate levels of acidity and bristling with zesty citrus, pear and apple. Deliciously full mouthfeel, yet elegant and graceful being 100% ultra-cool climate sémillon.

THE BOUQUET: A beautiful floral aromatic profile with hints of star anise.

Semillon made in a 'Bordeaux-Blanc' style is versatile. It complements seafood dishes due to it's heighted acidity (particularly oysters and prawns) as well as white fish and poultry. The acidity can also cut through creamy sauces making it a good match for Chicken Alfredo or creamy mushroom pasta dishes.

'Louise' is part of our Black Sheep Series. The series is our playground for creativity and innovation. Here, we embrace the unique and unexpected, crafting limited-edition wines that defy the norm. Just like the black sheep of the family, these wines stand out for their distinctive character and story. 'Louise' and and her partner-in-crime 'Claude' are prime examples of this adventurous spirit, bringing you extraordinary wines from exceptional vintages. They are also made with the same quality fruit and exacting winemaking standards as the rest of our range.

12 bottles (full case)