2016 'La Comtesse' Museum Chardonnay 6 pack

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Chardonnay, the prized grape of our homeland, Burgundy, is a grape of many guises. It treads gently, reflecting the intricate subtleties of terroir and the winemaker's hand. 

In our opinion, Chardonnay reaches its pinnacle when crafted in the French style. The cooler climates give rise to vibrant malic acid, which we preserve in our La Comtesse or partially transform into a creamier lactic acid in our Jeannette Reserve. Oak, in these wines, should be a subtle undertone, if not just a soft glow in the backdrop.

2016 ‘La Comtesse’ Chardonnay

A refined, vivacious Chardonnay, infused with a youthful fruitiness that's mellowed beautifully over time. The wine's lively acidity balances its lightness, resulting in a clean, lingering finish. The bouquet is a matured medley of stone fruit, white peach, and a touch of melon. The oak influence is subtly woven in, and the winemaking approach emphasizes minimal intervention.

This vintage was shaped by rather cool conditions, balanced by an adequate amount of rain. The summer was relatively cool, and the accompanying rainfall necessitated diligent canopy management to fend off disease risks. From late summer into early autumn, conditions were dry and warm accelerating ripening and produced a vintage that was a week earlier than average.

The harvest was carried out on 24 February and 4 March 2016, with a baume of 12.3 and a pH of 3.6. The Chardonnay was sourced from C Block (clone I10V5), with an average vine age of 16 years. The soils are shallow, mostly sandy with a touch of clay over a limestone bedrock, sloping moderately towards the river.

The winemaking process was cautious and patient. A slow, gentle press on the destemmed fruit was followed by fermentation using native yeasts, initiated at a cool 16 degrees. Once 90% complete, the wine was transferred to a blend of stainless-steel tanks and oak barrels. Malolactic fermentation was avoided.

The aging process involved 25% of the wine maturing in new French (Taransaud) barriques for 9 months, with the remainder housed in steel tanks for 10 months. The oak, fine-grained and of medium char, adds a subtle nuance. The lees in the barrels were stirred biweekly.

The wine's aroma, now more evolved, includes stone fruit, a matured white peach, and melon. The palate showcases softened citrus notes of lemon and lime, now underscored by a more prevalent vanilla essence from the French oak, culminating in a sustained finish.

This matured Chardonnay pairs wonderfully with a range of shellfish, pasta dishes adorned with a creamy sauce, lean fish such as Mahi Mahi or Tuna, a vegetarian terrine, or velvety vegetable-based soups. It also stands well on its own as a verandah wine, accompanied by a selection of creamy cheeses."

 2016 'La Comtesse' Museum Chardonnay is available to purchase online in a case of 12 (25% off), 6 (15%), or 3 (10% off)


photo taken by @mudgeeregion