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Our 25th Anniversary celebrations continue!

Chardonnay, the prized grape of our homeland, Burgundy, is a grape of many guises. It treads gently, reflecting the intricate subtleties of terroir and the winemaker's hand. Sometimes it's as crisp and stony as a fine Chablis, other times it basks in the voluptuous charm of the Côte de Beaune, or adopts the bold, buttery accents of the New World style.

In our opinion, Chardonnay reaches its pinnacle when crafted in the French style. The cooler climates give rise to vibrant malic acid, which we preserve in our La Comtesse or partially transform into a creamier lactic acid in our Jeannette Reserve. Oak, in these wines, should be a subtle undertone, if not just a soft glow in the backdrop.

We have created a combined vertical of our two chardonnays to give you the joy of experiencing different vintages of each wine. Each vertical demonstrates Chardonnay's age worthiness and its evolution with time across two very different expressions of chardonnay.

‘La Comtesse’ Chardonnay Vertical – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022

"This is superlative for the price. Sophisticated, finely tuned and benefitting from some bottle age. Fermented wild. Elevage in tank and oak (15% new French) for 8 months. This reminds me of a contemporary expression from the Mâconnais. Plump but tensile, all at once. White peach, nectarine, vanilla pod, nougat and toasted hazelnuts. Long and streamlined. Exceptional drinking now and across a short to early mid-term window." 94 points, Ned Goodwin, MW.

La Comtesse draws inspiration from our ancestor, Comtesse Marie-Louise de Beaurepaire. Just as she once captivated the court at Versailles and the artist Louis Michel van Loo who used her for his 1766 Paris Salon submission, this wine captivates with its natural elegance and deliciousness. Pair it with a setting sun, a comfortable chair, and some double brie for the ultimate pleasure.

‘Jeannette’ Reserve Chardonnay Vertical – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

"Situated in the most beautiful pocket by Rylstone, on elevated sandy loams over hallowed limestone. Each year, tasting these wines indicates a palpable ascendency of quality and gravitas. Humility, ambition and assiduous attention to detail, the reasons. This is good. Very. Toasted hazelnut, nougatine, nectarine and vanilla-pod oak melds with bright acidity to serve as latticework and the signpost to impressive length. Partial malolactic only. I reckon, put it through the full conversion a little riper. Delicious." Ned Goodwin, MW

The 'Jeannette' Reserve Chardonnay, named after our co-founder, represents a more stately and refined expression of Chardonnay. It ages gracefully, thanks to the subtle influence of new, yet neutral oak from the Vosges Forest in France. Some of the sharp malic acid, which characterizes 'La Comtesse', has been converted to lactic acid, yielding a more voluptuous and creamy palate. This is Chardonnay at its peak.

This curated collection of both our elegant Chardonnays includes: 'La Comtesse' Chardonnays includes: 1 x 'La Comtesse' Museum 2016, 1 x 'La Comtesse' Museum 2017, 1 x 'La Comtesse' Museum 2018, 1 x 'La Comtesse' Museum 2021, 2 x 'La Comtesse' 2022, 1 x 'Jeannette' Museum 2016, 1 x 'Jeannette' Museum 2017, 1 x 'Jeannette' Museum 2018, 3 x 'Jeannette' 2019

Museum Chardonnay Lovers Special Pack is available to purchase online in a case of 12 (25% off)